• Cyber-crime & Information Security Risk Management

Target Audience: All staff levels

Date: 5th -8th December 2022

Mode: In Person

Duration: 4 Days

Cost: Ksh 61,200 PP

This workshop provides the banking professional with fundamental knowledge of financial cyber security, challenges, and threats associated with it. It provides a platform for the discussion of issues and emerging trends in cyber security occasioned by the digital economy. It also exposes the professionals to information risk, vulnerabilities, effects on the bank, controls, compliance, and management of incidences. In addition to the legal protection against cybercrime for the banks.

Workshop Objectives

On the successful completion of this workshop; the learners should be able to:

  • Describe what cyber-crime is and its effects to the banks’ business
  • Recognize suspicious transactions that could lead to cyber-crime within the bank
  • Explain the emerging trends and the role of technology in cyber-crime in the banking sector
  • Use policies, and procedures and adhere to regulations to mitigate cybercrime and information risk in the banking sector.

Proposed content

  • Cyber Security/forms of cyber-attacks/Cyber Terrorism in the bank
  • Information Risks & Digital system vulnerabilities in the bank
  • Banking Cyber Security analytics/ how to predict cyber attacks
  • Banking Cyber security framework, controls, policies and procedures.