Exemption Policy

Diploma in Banking & Financial Services

Application for Exemptions

The following are guidelines relating to the application of exemptions under the Institute’s Diploma examination:

Applications for exemptions must be made on the prescribed forms and must be submitted together with a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 2,000.00, plus the examination fees for each subject exemption is sought.

Exemptions to Holders of KNEC Diploma in Banking Certificate

Candidates with KNEC, Diploma in Banking (Part 1) will be exempted from the following subjects only:
(i) Elements of Banking 
(ii) Economics
(iii) Business Communications
(iv) Accounting

In this case, therefore, such candidates will have to take the following subjects:
| Introduction to Law Relating to Banking and Finance
| Foreign Exchange and International Trade
| Business Calculations
| Marketing & Customer Service.

Exemptions to Holders of CPA (Part 1)
CPA Part I holders will be exempted from Accounting and Economics but will be expected to sit for the other six Diploma subjects.

Exemptions to Holders of Other Qualifications
Exemption will be considered on subject to subject basis and at the discretion of the Examinations Board. (For exemption to be granted, the subject in question must cover at least 80% (per cent) of the Kenya Institute of Bankers Syllabus).