KIB and KCB Group Conduct First Virtual Training

By Oliver Odhiambo

The Kenya Institute of Bankers and the KCB Group recently conducted the first ever virtual training, which was organized and facilitated by KIB. Participants were drawn from various departments of KCB Group from all the business interests in East and Central Africa.

“The event was an eye opener for all of us since it was the first time we were conducting such an elaborate and extensive training virtually,” says Martin Muroki, who is the Head of Training & Consultancy at KIB. “We learnt a lot from the basics of running an event virtually, to the very challenges of holding the audience together throughout the sessions. It was truly refreshing, though with its fair share of challenges.”

The training sought to elaborate in depth the Laws Relating to Banking, and Mr. Muroki was kind enough to enumerate the essence of this important element in banking.

“The participants were very keen on this area of engagement,” Mr. Muroki says. “The KCB Group had specific interest in ensuring its managers and staff are well equipped in their understanding of laws relating to banking, and I’m happy to report that the training went exceptionally well for the number of days we had sessions virtually.”

Martin says this training has granted KIB the mandate to officially conduct virtual trainings, now that the framework and the aesthetics around handling such an engagement have been fully comprehended and institutionalized.

“We look forward to offering virtual training to other organizations keen on similar engagements. In the foregoing, our hope is that in spite of Covid-19 and any other such pandemic, we will now have capacity to fully offer our trainings virtually without any interruptions and challenges.”

Mr Muroki made mention of the fact that some of the participants may have had minor challenges with their connectivity and network, but all in all, the training ran smoothly. “We wish to thank the KCB Group for allowing us to offer this training to their staff, and we look forward for more sessions such as this,” Mr. Muroki concludes.