CLOSING DATES: May Examinations - 12th March 2021

CLOSING DATES: October Examinations - 10th September 2021

CLOSING DATES: October Examinations - 10th September 2021

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the institutes examinations rules and guidelines as contained in the respective syllabuses.

1. All applicants for the diploma examination must be members of the Kenya Institute of Bankers.

2. All new entries must be accompanied by certified copies of relevant certificates.

3. All correspondences regarding the examination will be sent to the address as currently disclosed in this form. The institute must be notified immediately of any change of address.

Examination fees
4. Examination fees are Ksh. 3000 (Three thousand only) per subject and must accompany this form by bankers cheque/draft or crossed postal orders. All payments must be addressed to: The Kenya Institute of Bankers. Direct deposits can also be made in to
Kenya Institute of Bankers A/c No. 8011662, ABSA Bank of Kenya, Queensway Branch or MPESA Pay Bill No. 547718, Account no. your name or membership number.

5. Examination fees are NOT REFUNDABLE.

6. Late entries are acceptable at a fine of Ksh. 1000 (One thousand only) per subject on top of the normal subject fee.
For May 2021 late entries are acceptable up to 26TH March 2021 while for October 2021 examinations, the cut-off date is 24TH September 2021.

7. All payments for examinations will be acknowledged by an official receipt which should be retained by the applicant. In case of any queries/enquiries, the applicant should quote the receipt and index numbers for verification.

Examination Centers
8. For the time being, examination venues shall be within the major urban centers as indicated in this form, and applicants should select those centers close and convenient to them.

Examination Time
9. All examinations are of 3 hours duration, morning and afternoon and will start at 9 am and 2 pm respectively on the day of the examination.

Attendance Notices
10. Examination attendance notices will be issued to candidates 3 weeks before the examinations. In case of non-receipt, candidates should contact the institute immediately, quoting their index number.

11. Deferrals to the next sitting may be granted where a candidate makes an application in writing before the last date of registration.

12. Examination results will be published within two months from the date on which the examination is taken. Results will be sent by post/mail to the registered address of the candidate.