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The Institute has a well stocked library which is situated at the Institute’s Head office at NBK Building 20th floor, Harambee Avenue. It is well stocked with a wide collection of books and other publications dealing in all aspects of banking, finance and business. The books in banking and finance have carefully been selected to help students and researchers, KIB members and other users preparing for examinations and for general use in furtherance of banking profession. In addition, the Library subscribes to a number of e-resources consisting of e-books and e-journals accessible. The library hall and reading rooms offer a conducive environment for study, research in banking and other scholarly discussions.

  • Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday 08:30AM - 07:30PM
  • Saturday 09:00AM - 1:00PM
  • Sunday & Public Holidays Closed ( Unless on a special request)
  • Monday - Friday 08:00AM - 8:00PM
  • Saturday 08:00AM - 8:00PM
  • Sunday & Public Holidays Closed ( Unless on a special request)

Stock is composed of books, periodicals and reports in hard copy. Primary emphasis in our collecon development has been given to subject areas closely related to the research and academic acvies of the instute. Reference materials and other general works or subjects are also available. The stock comprises of approximately 4,000 volumes of books and some periodicals. Books are catalogued by author / Titles and are arranged by subject according to Dewey Decimal Classificaon ( DDC).

Proper registration will be done in the library on the official form before materials can be borrowed. Thereafter KIB members are allowed to borrow two books per week. Examiners, Staff and KIB Officials, two books but where necessary more books can be borrowed at the discretion of the librarian. Reserved Books Journals, Examiners reports and other Reference Materials are not available for borrowing, but can only be read in the library. Copies may be granted to member on special request. All library materials will only be given out if the user has the borrowers ticket and on production of personal identification and library card, issued by KIB. Vising or temporary users will be required to show a recognized form of identification such as National ID, Passport etc. or library card.

Lending and Reference collecon(s) are available for users or any other authorized people. To check whether the library stocks any parcular book, use the database KIBLIB which list books in alphabecal order by Author/Title or the subject. All loan transacon and discharge of books will be done in the library. Newspapers can be read in the library during the official hours when the library is open.
Limited reference assistance and literature searches is available from staffs. Arrangements are in place to computerized all areas of library operaons, by installaon of appropriate Database; e.g KIBLIB, KIBMEN, KIBCOM, KIBUSE users and members may soon be able to enjoy some services and as internet, email etc at a cost Photocopy, Reprographic and Binding services will also be introduced. A gi shop is in the planning process. We welcome suggesons and construcve cricism from our users and members.
Membership is open to all employees in Financial services and students of the instute. The instute welcomes other categories of students and proffesionals to access the library on temporary basis as per the established guidelines by the library committee and /or with the authorizaon of the Director as recommended by the Manager.

1. Admission to the library and use of materials is conditional upon strict observation of the library rules and regulations. Ignorance of these will not be accepted as an excuse for non observance of the services to the users and to see that the library rules are observed.
2. Readers are expected to behave responsibly while in the library.
3. For instance good order must be maintained in the library and silence observed at all times. Smoking, drinking, eating, sleeping, placing of legs or sitting on top of tables is not allowed in the library.
4. Users will be held responsible for any loss or damage to a book or any other library materials while in the custody and will be required to pay for market value of the materials plus administrative cost.
5. Personal books can only be used in the reading room.
6. Bags over-coats and hats are not allowed in the library. These can be left at the issuing desk. Library staffs are not responsible for any losses or damage for personal items left in the library
7. Library users should not return books to the shelves. All materials should be left on the tables for the library staff to shelve.
8. All prospective users must be registered as members of the institute. Borrower Cards issued to users must not be lent to others and any loss of the same must be reported immediately to the circulation desk/reception.
9. Users may request library staff to do retrospective literature searchers for them.
10. All library books remain the property of KIB. Replacement costs paid will not be refunded when boos are returned later.
11. The librarian shall have the right to recall any material on loan if it is needed by another reader. A fine of Kshs. 50 per day per book shall be charged for failure to return within four days of such recall.
12. All library users are required to clear with the library for any charges before they leave the institute or receive results/ certicate.
13. All borrowing cards must be surrendered to the library when clearing. Users who fail to comply with the above shall have their examination results, withheld.
14. Personal Telephone calls can only be received for emergency cases only in order to avoid clogging telephone lines for ofcial work.
15. The librarian has the power to excluded from the library, any person or persons who persistently disregard the rules and regulations or for any other cause, which shall be considered to be in his/her opinion undesirable. The Director and library Committee will be informed immediately of any such cases.
NB: Know all Rules.

All users are expected to handle material with great care and responsibility . Fines will be charged for overdue books at a rate of kshs. 50/- per day. Any user who damages or loses library property will be required to replace it at the prevailing retail cost. Services will be withdrawn from defaulng users/ members unl ammends have been made.