Kenyan banks give their views on the Central Bank Digital Currency [CBDC] proposed framework

Executives from leading banks in Kenya recently met at Movenpick Hotel, Nairobi, to consider the Central Bank Digital Currency [CBDC] framework, which CBK released in March 2022.

The framework had already elicited mixed reactions from various stakeholders in the financial sector, who have either approached it with a pinch of salt, or alternatively considered it as the future that the industry cannot ignore.

During the Breakfast at Movenpick Hotel, Bankers made their thoughts known, including their concerns and fears in regards to the CBDC framework. Prof. Bitange Ndemo, who was the keynote speaker, interrogated the document on behalf of bankers, highlighting comprehensively the very basics that will govern the use of CBDC.

For a comprehensive undertaking on this particular event, we have packaged together a summary of what transpired during the event, including presentations by Prof. Bitange Ndemo, a presentation by KIB CEO Julias Alego, as well as the document itself. We equally conducted a digital interactive session with questions on various issues in regards to CBDC, and the participants were more than glad to give their responses. You will find that link here for consideration. You will also find value in some of the photos our team took during the event.

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CBDC Images

CBDC Images

Digital Interactive Session Responses

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